Book Glutton

Book Glutton beta creates book online reading community
Book Glutton beta allows users to login and participate in an online reading community where they have access to a database of books that can be read online, synchronously with other uses. Participants can also chat with other readers about the chapter, page or section they are reading, as well as take notes and make comments about the text in a dedicated note field.  According to the Book Glutton website, the concept is based on the fact that people “want to read, annotate and discuss, right there, immersed in the text” while also giving people “the chance to tune out the community” if they desire a more solitary reading experience.

Looking the types of supports provided in Book Glutton according to the NCSeT typology, this resource incorporates the following supportive resources:

* Presentational resources allow readers to change the text size.
* Navigational resources allow readers multiple ways to navigate through the book chapters.
* Collaborative resources such as chatting and other social networking features.
* Notational resources allow readers to take notes and comment on the text they are reading.