NCSeT Research Literature Study Groups

NCSeT sponsors study groups investigating different types of resources and recommending future research.
As part of the National Center on Supported e-Text (NCSeT), study groups are being conducted on varying topics related to the NCSeT typology. To participate in these groups, members read ten research papers chosen to provide a core knowledge base for the chosen topic, and attend both synchronous and a synchronous meetings and discussions. The venue for these study groups is a community website designed using the popular service, Ning. The features of Ning are being used in a way that provides members with access to the relevant literature, group activities and timelines, while promoting communication and shared knowledge. Discussions on topics are being held within the Ning discussion forums on issues such as, a) key findings, b) open issues and controversies, c) cognitive operations at work, d) important areas for future research, and e) recommendations for future study groups.

A current study group is being held on the topic of text-to-speech as a translational resource for students with learning disabilities as well as other populations (such as ELL students and students with low reading comprehension). For this study group a NCSeT Ning on text-to-speech has been created, members have completed the initial group introduction, and are currently in the process of reading the topic’s core papers. Discussions will begin shortly within the Ning discussion forums followed by a summary of the group’s findings and outcomes.

Future study groups will be held on other topics such as embedded vocabulary supports as another form of translational resource, illustrative resources, and embedded metacognative strategies as an instructional resource.