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Instructional Resources

Instructional resources provide prompts, questions, strategies or instruction designed to teach some aspect of the text or how to read and interpret the text. Instructional resources might include: tutorials, self-monitoring comprehension questions, annotations, instructional prompts, study guides, embedded study strategies, online mentoring, or tips for effective reading.

Below are screen shots showing various types of instructional resources.


Notational Resources

Notational resources provide tools for marking or taking notes on the text to enable later retrieval for purposes of studying or completing assignments. Notational resources might include: electronic highlighting, bookmarking, post-its, margin notes, outlining, drawing, or ways to gather and group these notes for post-reading review.

Below are screen shots showing various types of notational resources.


Collaborative Resources

Collaborative resources provide tools for working or sharing with other readers, the author, or some other audience. Collaborative resources might include: a threaded discussion, online chat, email links, podcasts, or  blogs.

Below are screen shots showing various types of collaborative resources.


Evaluative Resources

Evaluative resources provide materials, prompts, and assignments designed to assess student learning from the text. Evaluative resources can include: questions, quizzes, tests, surveys, online interviews, and assignments leading to products.

Below are screen shots showing various types of evaluative resources.


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