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About NCSeT Research at the University of Georgia
Dr. John Langone and his research team at the University of Georgia are investigating the use of digitized speech (“audio text”), glossary definitions, and illustrative videos to improve word knowledge and auditory comprehension of life skills and leisure reading materials by secondary students with moderate to severe cognitive disabilities.
NCSeT Research Team at Georgia

The NCSeT Research Team at the University of Georgia is comprised of the following individuals:

      • Dr. John Langone, Co-Principal Investigator and Research Site Director
      • Dr. Kevin Ayres, Co-Principal Investigator
      • Karen Douglas, Research Coordinator
      • Gini Bell, Graduate Research Assistant
      • Cara Meade, Graduate Research Associate
      • Allison Clarke, Teacher Investigator
      • LindaCollier, Teacher Investigator
      • Cyndie Kenimer, Teacher Investigator
      • Cari Duttlinger, Teacher Investigator
Fall 2008 Update for UGA

In our studies at the University of Georgia with students with mild to moderate intellectual disabilities, we used an interactive computer-based program to teach students how to develop a graphic organizer in order to help them better comprehend recipes presented to them in e-text format.

2007-8 Preliminary Research Findings

Preliminary findings from the research conducted for NCSeT during the 2007-2008 academic year on uses of audio text, highlighting, graphic organizers, and electronic text for students with cognitive disabilities.

Project Presentations: University of Georgia
Recent and Future Project Presentations

Douglas, K., & Ayres, K. (2008). Promoting Literacy through Supported Electronic Text for Students with Moderate Cognitive Disabilities. Annual International Conference of the Division of Developmental Disabilities of CEC

Douglas, K., & Ayres, K. (2008). Promoting Literacy through Supported Electronic Text for Students with Moderate Cognitive Disabilities. Annual Conference for Closing the Gap

Douglas, K., & Ayres, K. (2009). Using computer instructed graphic organizers to teach recipe comprehension and cooking. Annual Conference for the Council for Exceptional Children

Project Publications: University of Georgia

Structural analysis of video supported electronic text for learners with moderate intellectual disabilities: A pilot investigation into assistive technology supports.

Structural analysis of text-to-speech and highlighting to support reading comprehension of individuals with moderate intellectual disabilities.

Pilot structural analysis and assessment of multiple electronic text supports for students with moderate intellectual disabilities.

The Effectiveness of Pictorial Graphic Organizers for Improving Comprehension of Functional Electronic Text by Students with Intellectual Disabilities.

Literacy and assistive technology supports for students with cognitive disabilities: Identification of supports and structural analysis.

Creating your own electronic text to support text comprehension by students with moderate to severe disabilities.

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