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Dr. Judith Zorfass and her research team at EDC are investigating the use of Visual Thesaurus to improve word knowledge and reading comprehension of social studies texts by middle school students with learning disabilities
NCSeT Research Team at EDC

The NCSeT Research Team at Education Development Center, Inc. (EDC) is comprised of the following individuals:

      • Dr. Judith Zorfass, Principal Investigator and Site Research Coordinator
      • Karen Clay, Research Associate
      • Alise Brann, Research Associate
2008 Update for the Educational Development Center

 Education Development Center in Newton, MA is continuing its work in the coming year with a research study to investigate the impact on the social studies content knowledge of middle school students using online reference tools (Visual Thesaurus and Merriam-Webster Online) in conjunction with research-based reading strategy instruction.
EDC Progress Report June 2007

The research carried out by Education Development Center, Inc. (EDC) focused on helping middle-grades students improve reading comprehension in social studies by building word knowledge through the use of a web-based tool, Visual Thesaurus (VT). VT allows the reader to look up a word directly from a piece of electronic text. It does not directly define words; rather it presents an array of concepts that capture the varied word meanings. The features of VT align with the following e-text resources: translational, illustrative, enrichment, and collaborative. From August, 2006 to May 2007, EDC carried out a series of four brief design studies, with each one building on findings of the previous study. Read the executive summary and download the June 2007 progress report of research on the Visual Thesaurus:  Progress Report June 2007

An Interview with EDC about Visual Thesaurus
EDC Senior Director Dr. Judith Zorfass and and her associate Alise Brann talk about the connection between Visual Thesaurus and reading.
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About EDC

Education Development Center, Inc. (EDC), an international non-profit organization, bridges the worlds of research, policy and practice to advance learning and healthy development for individuals and institutions around the globe.

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